What To Know About Welsh Cuisine

You need to try out the Welsh cuisine. If you are visiting Wales, this is one of the things that you need to do. It is not enough for you to look at the famous landmarks and structures. Experiencing the culture and history of the place is not just reliant on what you see. You can also experience what Wales has to offer by eating the traditional food that the locals eat.

About Welsh cuisine

The cuisine in Wales is all about traditions and practises. The dishes that you will usually see includes laverbread, Welsh cakes, sausages, etc. Most of these are considered Welsh because they had been a part of their history. These have been considered quite symbolic for the locals.

The Welsh cuisine is something that grew from the daily routines of the people – specifically the working class. They are quite isolated and this resulted in an authentic collection of dishes that are free of influence from the outside cultures. The isolation forced them to make do with the ingredients that they have. The locals tended to cattle, sheep, and pigs and these serve as the meat in their dishes. Fish is also a part of the diet. When it comes to vegetables, cabbages and leeks are the main options – with the latter being a staple in most dishes.

Welsh dishes you need to try out

So what dishes from the Welsh cuisine should you try out? Here are some of the dishes that you absolutely must try.

Welsh lamb

Since the Welsh were mainly sheepherders, you can expect that lamb will be a part of traditional dishes. The truth is, Welsh lamb is sought after around the world. That means you need to taste it while you are in Wales. Any dish with lamb in it should suffice. They would all taste great. In fact, the other meat grown in Wales should be worth a try. This includes Welsh beef too!


We have mentioned how the Welsh tend to cattle too. That means they are able to produce a lot of dairy products. This includes cheese. In fact, cheese is one of the traditional food in Welsh cuisine. You can order this in restaurants and they will give you cheese boards to try out. The famous ones that you should try include Y Fenni, Tintern, Black Bomber, Perl Las, and Caerphilly.


We have mentioned that this is considered a staple in Welsh dishes. It is actually the main ingredient in the hearty broth called cawl. This is also something that is found in the famous Glamorgan Sausage.

Beer and wine

The Welsh cuisine will not be complete without the drinks. The preferred drink of the Welsh is the same as most Europeans – beer and wine. Most areas in Wales have a local brewery – giving the locals a steady supply of their favourite drinks. There are also a lot of vineyards that produce the best wines in the country. Any of these two would make a perfect drink for any of the Welsh dishes that you need to try out.